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January 23, 2020




What would it mean to you if you can control your marketing budget to the penny? Better yet, what if you can create a marketing campaign and reach thousands of potential customers within minutes? Pay Per Click (PPC) offers you that and much more.

PPC has been the method of preference by many companies that are not sure whether the internet is the right way to attract new customers. The reason is simple; you don’t have to invest a lot to see the results. So for example, if your company offers custom chairs, you can easily create a PPC campaign and put your ads in Google, Yahoo and MSN to attract visitors to your site, and with the right analytics in place, you can see how much of the traffic came from each campaign and what was the behavior of the visitors. For example, you can easily determine that the people were more attracted to your office products.

Google Advertisement in Canada

PPC campaigns are one of the fastest ways to make your business visible to people across the world. It is not easy to get that success for the first time but if you find the right partner and work with the right strategy then you will definitely go in the long run.

PPC really is one of the most effective ways, if not the best way, to market your products on the internet; and there are many reasons why. You can create a marketing campaign in minutes. You can market by location and create ads that are appealing to very specific segments of the population, your target market. You have total control of your budget. It is the most popular way to get profit in your business. We provide superior PPC services in Canada and are experts in creating PPC campaigns at a very low cost and time by using techniques like PPC Pay Per Click, Google&Bing Ads, PPC advertising services, etc.

As Google Ads campaign becomes more complex and time-consuming, there are more companies looking for experts of pay-per-click (PPC). A highly qualified SEM-Canada can manage all aspects of your PPC campaigns, improve your pay-per-click ROI, and free up your time for other business matters.

We work for PPC campaigns, keyword research, social media marketing (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram), search engine optimization, Google Ads and Bing Ads. Our agency gives you all kinds of help in the fields we have described.

PPC keywords research

PPC is very powerful and can bring excellent results for your company. But it can also be very expensive and inefficient if the person that runs it has no idea of what your objectives are and hasn’t done a good investigation of the keywords, market segment and the rules to position your ads in the best places.

Keyword Research looks into is basic to your prosperity with Ads advertising. The Keyword Research you select will be the structure obstructs for your advertisement gatherings, and are a deciding element in how your ads perform, where and when they will appear, to whom they will appear and the quest terms for which they will show up. When considering which keywords to incorporate into your campaigns, it is important to have a good idea of what you are trying to set with your ad.

Keyword research isn’t just about discovering keywords to get guests to your site, yet about finding the correct keywords to pull in the correct visitors. Keyword research will help you predict shifts in demand, react to changing market conditions, and focus on the products, services, and content in which web searchers are already seeking out.

There are five crucial parts of powerful keyword research:

  1. Understanding Keyword Relevance:

    Specific Keywords that are important to your item/business with a defined meaning are basic to the accomplishment of your campaigns. You will figure out how to pick the best keywords for your particular business.

  2. Keyword Mining with Search Query Reports:

    Keyword mining includes recognizing significant and famous keywords for your particular site. Ads’ search query report (SQR) shows you precisely what search inquiries individuals utilized that made your promotion appear. This can assist you with finding new search terms that you might need to use as new promotion gatherings and watchwords. It will likewise assist you with sifting through terms that are not important to your business that you can add to your negative watchword list.

  3. Negative Keywords:

    You can add certain keywords to a negative rundown to keep your promotions from appearing for key terms that are unimportant to your business. This encourages you to refine your promotions to focus on the most applicable potential clients.

  4. Building out Keyword Lists (Google, Wordstream, and More)

    Learn which tools we can use to build the keywords list. There are many tools available online.

  5. Beginning: Brainstorming a PPC Keyword List

    The beginning stage for keyword research ought to be the website landing page that your advertisements will interface. Start by filtering each page and gathering significant keywords from the content. Expecting you have a site with well-written contents, there ought to be sufficient material to assemble a genuinely extensive rundown of keywords that straightforwardly identify with your items or administrations.

Why work with us?

As we know, Google Ads (and Bing Ads) management is becoming more complex day by day. For this purpose, companies are taking help from some other companies for better results. SEM-Canada works on PPC campaigns and Google Ads that help you to increase the growth of your business. We concentrate on the aim, time, budget of the campaign and then start to work according to the need of the client. A full planned work always gives the best results. We work with the team of experts that helps you to grow your business and make your reputation on the online platform.

Our team is having highly experienced people that make our agency a reliable PPC expert in Canada. We work on attracting people toward your business by using advertisements. If you are looking for a responsible PPC expert company in Canada then the SEM-Canada is there to accomplish your goals. We work with passion, and that is reflected in the results.In our company, we believe that you will get all the services at an affordable price.

Also we have a dedicated specialist only to manage your PPC campaigns and provide you with the best strategy. Give us a call and we will show you the benefits of PPC.

Some of the works done by our team:

  • Making a good strategy:

    Each work needs a strategy to follow for getting better results. Our team starts their work with a good strategy so that we can get the best results.

  • Creation of ad extension:

    Ad extensions are the most important part of advertisements. We have the most experienced staff that makes attractive ad extensions that attract most users.

  • Follow-up

    PPC Campaigns always need continuous work. Our experts always keep working on it so that you can make a better place on the online platform.

  • Ad copy creation

    Setting up a good content is really important for advertisements. At SEM-Canada, we are ready to offer you our expert opinion on the ad content or create it for you

  • Integration

    When the campaign is planned, our team looks at the implementation process.

  • Custom reports

    We provide custom reports of all the conversions and results coming through the advertisements.

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