E-Marketing solutions for companies in Canada

January 23, 2020




E-Marketing solutions for companies in Canada

If you are not using e-mail as part of your marketing strategy, you might be missing on a huge opportunity.

In a recent survey by Datran Media, for most marketers, email was listed as the most important advertising tactic for 2007. Mainly because of its ability to drive incremental revenue.

Most Important Advertising Tactics

Advertising Tactic


Traditional Direct Marketing

2. Most Important Reasons Why Marketers Will Use Email in 2007



Drive incremental revenue

Reinforce brand position

Improve customer loyalty

Drive more frequent purchases

Source: Datran Media, February 2007

A well structured marketing campaign should be measurable and objective. The purposes could be different; keep existing customers informed about the company, invite customers to your new web site, send out promotions, improve customer retention, etc. In most cases it will be targeted to existing customers to either up-sell or cross-sell the company’s products or services. Or it can be a campaign specifically designed to attract highly potential customers.

If you think about, e-mail has become a very popular mode of communication worldwide. Most companies and people have e-mail accounts to receive information and to keep in touch with other people. Using this media appropriately can bring excellent results. For example, you can send an e-mail marketing campaign about your new product and invite customers to acquire this product at a discount in your web site using a given code. This not only will generate traceable and measurable results, but it will also provide you with invaluable marketing information about your new product.

Here are some of the advantages for your company to have an e-mail marketing campaign:

  1. Low cost – Is relatively inexpensive compared to other media
  2. Measurable and traceable – You can calculate your ROI to the penny.
  3. Instant Results – In two days you can get the results of your campaign.
  4. Paper-free – e-mail is paper free.
  5. Trigger events – other events can be trigger when the message is opened

E-mail marketing is a very effective tool that if used properly can bring excellent results for your company.

Let us help you with your e-mail marketing and see the difference. Consider that e-mail marketing is often reported as second only to search marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic.

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