What is content marketing and its role in search engine optimization?

April 16, 2020




Content marketing involves all type of activities that focuses on creating and sharing information like blog post, social media posts, core content, and images. It is the process of promoting your content to the audience.

Suppose you have opened a new food shop. You will optimize local SEO so that food lovers could find your shop. Use content marketing to promote your shop by sharing some content like images through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can also publish blogs providing some specific information about your shop.

People will need to share important content since it’s funny, interesting, newsworthy or powerful. So attempt to make something extraordinary regardless of copying it from anywhere else. Also, by telling your personal experience so that the users can relate to it and can better understand your content.

Website design also makes an impact on traffic. If the design of your website is attractive then users will stay on your site and Google will also deem your website as more relevant. If you choose facebook and Instagram to share your images and content then you will start getting the relevant traffic.

What is the goal of content marketing?

For effective content marketing, you ought to make great and engaging content for your visitors. The formation of excellent content refers to whatever can be of an incentive to the client; regardless of whether that is entertaining, informative or useful.

The main goal of content marketing is to attract the audience toward your business. You can do this by utilizing a call to action on the website, which can help convince your group of audience.

You can take help from SEM-Canada that encourages you to know the significance of substance showcasing with the assistance of their experts.

For instance, in the event that you work a yoga studio and you’re hoping to increase new customers you could compose a blog entry about tips on what to do during your first yoga class. At that point, when individuals go to your site to peruse the post, you can offer them a markdown on their top of the line. You pull in them to your site with content they discover important, and afterward, use it as a chance to get them into your business pipe.

Can it be any type of content?

The content could be as photographs, videos, blogs, infographics, and so forth. For whatever length of time that the content gives a type of significant worth and draws in your group of users, at that point, it doesn’t generally make a difference what type you pick.

You should devise your social media strategy to guarantee the most extreme commitment to the content that you share. Curating your Instagram feed and using great content is the way to building a community and create leads and sales through Instagram. In case you’re concentrating your endeavors on spreading content on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, you may modify the sort of substance so as to meet the interests of the audience.

Why does content marketing help SEO?

1. Literary content is a key component of SEO. Google crawls the site and content and then give rankings according to that.

Powerful content marketing includes composing quality copy that is identified with the terms your audience is looking for. In this way, the more blog entries you compose that have a keyword focus, the almost certain your site will begin driving in expanded natural rush hour gridlock. The key is to ensure that your substance is pertinent to the catchphrase however maintains a strategic distance from terrible SEO rehearses like keyword stuffing. Compose normally with the help of SEM-Canada and include quality, high-esteem data.

2. Content gives the premise to keyword optimization. It enables you to optimize keywords all through the relevant pages on your site. When making content, try to implement a keyword phrase. Google has improved search accuracy by composing algorithms to comprehend the searcher’s aim and the logical significance of terms.

So that you should look at the related phrases that are searched by the audience.

3. After you start building quality content and advertising it accurately, your rankings can see a positive outcome. New visitors to your site because of content promoting are potential purchasers. In this way, expanding traffic to the site, it can likewise build your leads/sales.

4. Each new bit of content you make on your site is another page that Google can list. Although content alone won’t expand your traffic, it offers the chance to target new and various expressions that may draw in potential clients.

5. Important content expands your position. On the off chance that your substance is excellent, it is probably going to pull in more connections and offers all through social media and different sites. Significant content will likewise impact a good user experience, and the measurements will give Google positive ranking signals.


Content marketing and SEO work together. The keywords research is wasted if we do not use them in the content. We at SEM-Canada provide you the healthy balance of both that will be the key to success. You can directly contact us at hello@sem-canada.com.

Take note of these latest digital marketing trends for SEO

As technologies become increasingly advanced, the digital marketing landscape is in a constant state of evolution and we move one step closer to what was once deemed “science-fiction”. If you consider the recent rise of Artificial Intelligence, you will agree that the winds of change are certainly blowing. It is therefore crucial for marketers to be aware of the latest trends in this fiercely competitive industry and assess whether they can leverage any unique opportunities. As always, we are here to help and have chosen some hot trends.

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic advertising has been around for a while, but it’s not yet reached its full potential. Use of this AI-fuelled technology has been slower amongst B2B marketers than it has amongst B2C marketers, but with 65 per cent of digital media advertising budgets predicted to be spent programmatically in 2019, that could be set to change. SEM-Canada Services will help you to boost your knowledge of the basics quickly and easily.

Video Marketing

With 59 per cent of senior business executives stating that they prefer to watch videos rather than read text about a subject if both options are available, video marketing is already a big deal.

It’s likely to become even more significant in 2019, however, with the use of live video broadcasts and personalized video messages becoming more prevalent. This means that it’s the perfect time to start incorporating more video content creation into your company’s marketing plan.

Voice Search

Yes, it is unlikely that 50% of all queries will be voice-based by 2020, but the increasing popularity and usage of voice-enabled devices mean this type of search should not be ignored. Talking directly to your device can seem strange but this behavior has been adopted by more consumers due to its sheer convenience. Brands have also been testing the water and notable examples include people being able to order a pizza or an Uber via Amazon’s Alexa. Just like visual search, changes in search habits do not happen overnight, but as more consumers become more accustomed to using voice search, we could start to see real signs of a search evolution.

It will certainly be interesting to see how marketers leverage voice search opportunities and if you are wondering how to optimize for voice search, please take a look at our article which includes three useful tips!

Personalised Content Marketing

Whether it’s in the form of emails, website content or videos produced with specific groups of clients in mind, personalized content will be an essential tool for marketers in 2019. 59 percent of retail consumers believe that receiving personalized messages has a noticeable effect on what they purchase, and it’s a technique that can also be applied effectively by B2B marketers to boost their company’s sales. I personally recommend to study this from SEM-Canada Consultant.

User-Generated Content

Millennials are big fans of user-generated content (UGC) and take it into account when deciding what to buy. In fact, 59 percent of them refer to it when selecting major electronics products. With many of today’s B2B tech buyers in this age group, it makes sense to use marketing methods that appeal to them. Therefore, UGC could become a key tool for marketers working in the field in the next few years, whether you choose to use reviews, photos, videos or guest blog posts.

Mobile Growth

The immense growth of mobile devices has been on every marketers’ radar for a long time now. A mobile first approach is becoming more important nowadays as there has been a rise in voice searches and also Google has announced they will be launching a mobile-first algorithm.


As we can see user generated contents, voice search, video marketing and programmatic ads plays a vital role in digital marketing these days. Also social media marketing is the main thing for digital marketing these days like youtube, facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

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