What is bounce rate? and some ways to improve it

November 6, 2020




The bounce rate of a website is the measurement of the clicks done by users on the menu tabs, CTA buttons or any other clickable part but not going to any other page and leaving the website. Generally, it impacts negatively on your website. The higher the bounce rate, the less effective is your website. The easiest way to decrease the bounce rate is SEM-Canada that is the strong SEO company in Canada, and that’s precisely what a trustworthy SEO company would do.

High Bounce Rates:

A high bounce rate helps you to understand the behavior of users towards your website. The high bounce rate is a bad thing for your site. It shows that users are visiting and not finding any helpful material for them and goes back. This will down your rankings. There could be many reasons for having high bounce rates like:

  1. Users are not able to find any helpful content for them.
  2. The content is not understandable for them.
  3. If the services provided by you is not described properly.

The number of visitors depends upon the purpose of your site. If you are providing the services that are in trend or according to the user’s expectations then the user will stay on your page otherwise they will just leave.

How to Improve Your Site’s Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate of a site can be improved in many ways. Here are some ways described below:

Improve User Experience:

Sites that are having difficult content if left by the visitors immediately because they do not understand about your services. For your help, SEM-Canada is there. You can improve user experience by making the text easy and readable. The more you use an easy language to understand, the more you will get a user’s attention.
A user-friendly website will be more attractive for the user and they will spend more time on it that will reduce the bounce rate.

Optimize Keywords to Be More Targeted for Pages & Customers:

Make a good keyword strategy so that the right audience will target the right pages. If your site is having badly stuffed keywords or wrong keywords then you might be reaching the wrong audience. Keyword research is very important for increasing the visibility of your website and decreasing the bounce rate.

Add Images:

The more you use images, videos, and files to your site, the more attractive will be your content. Users always like to see some interesting content so if you have posted images then you will get more user’s attention and they will stay more on your website. This will improve your site’s bounce rate.

Mobile Optimization:

Mobile optimization is really important so that more and more users can connect to your website. Your website should be mobile responsive and look attractive while opening it on a mobile phone. Most of the people visit websites from smart devices today so it has become necessary to make a website good enough that it runs perfectly on your mobile device.

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