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January 23, 2020




How important is to have a good design? Did you know that more than 80% of the existing websites are poorly designed?

There are many companies that can create your website at a very low price; you can even build your website using the software from your hosting company and get it almost for “FREE”. But is it really Free? Have considered how many visitors might go into your site and won’t buy from you just because the site is poorly designed?
A poorly designed website not only will invite your visitors to leave your page, but it will also leave the impression that your business is not reliable and professional. Believe it or not, your website sells, your website is an extension of your business. So why not spend the time and effort to have a professionally designed and highly functional website.

It is not just about nice colors and pretty pictures.

The colors, the content, the position of your ads, the attention gravers and many other factors are key in the success of your website. These are some principles of internet marketing and yet many web designers forget about them. So it is important that not only your site looks professional, but also it has to be functional. A professional web development company should always consider different aspects like:

  • The content – The content should be rich and targeted to the specific audience of the people that is interested in your business.
  • The usability – Simply put, it has to be user-friendly. How many times have you been in a website that is too complicated?.
  • The appearance – The style should be professional, appealing and relevant
  • The visibility – It should be easy for the visitor to find what he/she is looking for. It takes 10 seconds for the regular user to browse your site, if you don’t grab his/her attention in those 10 seconds, they will leave.

It is all about creating a great lasting impression and show that you mean business through your website.

Any company have a team of web designers and marketing professionals that can help you create a professional website for your business.

Is your website a reflection of your business?

Professional: You website is your business card to the rest of the world.

Trustworthy: A professional looking website gives more confidence to the visitors and reflects an image of a trusted company.

Functional: Site navigation and overall functionality are key to help your visitors to find what they are looking for.about your business.

Innovative: Technology is changing every day. Your website has to tell your visitors “We are here to stay an compete in the information age”.

Ready: Having a professional website is like saying to the world, “We are ready to do business with you”.

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