Some of the best SEO hacks for your WordPress website

February 22, 2020




According to a report, the main 3 outcomes in the search engine get 60% of the natural clicks. The SEO leads have a closure rate of 14.6% (Search Engine Journal), both these details feature the significance of search engine optimization for your site.

SEO is an important factor to make your site simple for both the users and search engine robots to understand it. Without SEO your users won’t have the option to discover you in the search engine queries as you will be simply covered underneath different pages of the results in Google.

If you are using WordPress then you should install Yoast because it solves many issues.

In this article, we list 5 quick SEO hacks for your WordPress site. Follow these and you’ll quickly see an improvement in your search engine visibility and ranking.

1. Keyword Optimization, Meta titles, description

Meta titles are your page titles and the most significant part of your SEO improvement. It is the principal thing that will be seen by the user in the search queries. Out of the 156 character limit for meta tags, just the initial 35 characters will be found in search queries.

Meta tags best practices include:

  • A solid source of inspiration making the peruser read further
  • A brief thought regarding the content
  • Keywords should be utilized in meta titles and meta descriptions.

Meta description is shown underneath your title, to get more clicks by making it easy. Incorporate this SEO hack and you’ll procure noticeable outcomes right away.

2. Create XML Sitemap and Add Your Site to Google Search Console

The webpage guide will inform the search engine about what pages your site contains. It is a document that contains all the data about your site pages with every one of the URLs that are accessible for crawling.

For WordPress sites, the Yoast module makes sitemaps. In the wake of creating your sitemap, add your website to Google Search Console. On the off chance that you don’t have a Google Webmaster Tools account, make a Google Account first and pursue Webmaster Tools. To include this tool, go to Optimization > Sitemaps and present your site’s sitemap. The SEM-Canada gives you the best-planned WordPress sites for business and personal use at affordable prices.

3. Internal linking inside your WordPress site

An internal linking is an association linking all pages on a site. The web search engine crawls your site for content and keywords and inside connecting guarantees that no page is forgotten about during website ordering. For instance, on the off chance that you associated with your ‘Contact Us’ page within the ‘About Us’ page, that would be an internal connection. It’s basic to use strong keywords as the linking content, rather than ‘read more’.

Standard interlinking your site pages and blogs leads to a higher chance of search engines to find your website and get higher ranking.

4. Improve Page speed

Page speed is one of the elements Google uses to rank sites in list items, so the least demanding and speediest approach to fix your WordPress site’s SEO is by checking the page load speed and setting it up. Tools such as PageSpeed tool on Google Developers show the page loading speed.

Simply have to enter your website URL in it and click on “Analyze.” This will give you a full report on the speed of your site with certain recommendations on how you can fix the bugs.

Some of the SEO hacks to improve the page speed are:

  • Choose an excellent hosting company
  • Compress pictures
  • Install a cache plugin

5. Tending to each of the 404 pages and 301 redirects

Each page on your webpage has an HTTP status code, indexing spiders when they crawl your website. A couple of status codes can adversely affect SEO, while some can ensure your SEO positioning force stays in place.

Using 301 sidetracks than 302 sidetracks a necessity – 301 sidetracks your association interface is gone between the occupied pages, rather than being lost in interpretation. In like way, any whole deal 404 pages should be occupied to extra internal pages with a 301 sidetrack check no positioning force is lost.

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