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January 23, 2020




With mobile applications, business’ can increase the physical traffic that comes into their store, restaurant or other business area. For example, some companies have created a mobile application that helps potential customers find their closest location. Do you want people to find the stores or distributors of your products? There is a mobile application that we developed for RICOH where people can easily locate the closest location of this Company. Another similar application is using “Geo Location” where you can find the closest restaurant as you hold your phone and move it around. The application shows a point indicating the direction where the place is located in the map. If you click on the dot, it will open the website for the restaurant you are looking for. Such applications ultimately help meet the ever increasing demand of consumers to immediately find what they are looking for under their fingertips.

Mobile applications can also be used to spread ads. This method of marketing requires extensive planning and research as it is pertinent to understand which group of consumers need to be targeted and how. You must find out when, why and how the user uses the application and utilize this information. An example of this is in a shopping mall where the moment the visitor enters the mall, the phone immediately will alert them of sales and promotions happening in the stores located in that shopping center.

There are hundreds of different ways that companies can benefit from using mobile applications. From video games and specialty applications to robust intranet integrations where a mobile phone can be used to access information from the company’s internal computer systems.

Allow us to assist you in utilizing this growing method of marketing to flourish in your business.

Mobile Application – QR Code

One increasingly popular use of the mobile phone is for QR codes. QR codes are 2-D bar-codes that can be scanned through a mobile device (a feature made possible with smart phones). Based on what the requirements are, a QR code can serve various functions. For example scanning the QR code can allow the user access to a certain webpage. This is extremely important because companies now can control where to send the visitors in the website. QR codes are also very popular in magazines and newspapers where they can be used to access a company website – preventing the risk of potential customers/ clients from entering the web address incorrectly.

If you don’t have a QR code for your website you can get one for FREE at different websites, just do a Google search on “QR code generator”.

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